Monday, August 20, 2007

The Other Side of Me!!!

K Here u can see the Other side of Me!! I ve acted in a Short Movie, Its about a Local Rural chap Kisen (played by me) , who comes to big city Mumbai , to fulfill his dreams, earn money be rich. The movie (if u understand) tries to show the struggles a person has to face in a new city, in the face of corruptions. Series of Disappointments can lead anyone to give in to illegal means of earning money....
Though it might sound like a very serious film, its not that serious. The actors make every possible efforts to keep u smiling.. :)

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Reshma.. said...

lol.... its not at all serious.. good acting... :P
bye tc..

aman said...

ya man... hehe.. nice blog btw.. especially loved the passionate night..

Vinay on 7:16 PM said...

u r the doc man...i've never seen a doc who loves rock music. keep rocking buddy.

Vinay on 7:31 PM said...

Well high hopes there for the doc...u'd hafta sacrifice sleep. wats ur specialization? And whats y fav band?

Whim on 6:19 AM said...

"isiliye bolte hain..sardar ke haath mein camer mat pakdaaya karo!!"

on a more serious note, it seemed like a pretty amateurish attempt with a major syncing problem towards the end. This type of a story is more suited for dramas man..but nice attempt.

seemed like the crew behind the camera really had no idea what to do and what not to do, and on screen, well..smilng while the reel is rolling, eh?? :P

that was the serious stuff, btw.

Keep up the tempo, dude.
u a doctor, eh? U play guitar too, kya?

princess said...

wow..gr8 movie nd worth watching a doctor turned actor..sound even while reading ur post what a multi tasker u are?? hummm... one men nd so many personality...gud..nyway enjoing reading and watching u in the movie..
keep going
God Bless u

s.H.a.S.h.I on 9:12 PM said...

ya it was really amateur attempt at filming a movie.. nevertheless.. it was just a coll project for my friend... so it paid off,, thanks for the comments people...

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