Friday, November 14, 2014

Long Standing Abstinence.

   Dropping into my blog after such a long time was like going back to a trip down memory lane. Its like going back to childhood and cherishing playing with buddies, having pepsi-cola for a mere 50 paise, those long discussions about TV serials that inspired us.
   As i scrolled down my blog, I realized a lot have changed over these years. Well I started blogging way back in 2006. Looking back to what i wrote then was really juvenile, distracted and boring. As times passed by, the content became more important and was highlighted well in them.
  Years have passed by since the last time i wrote, It wasn't and thought block. just that you tend to get so busy with your daily work and chores, that you forget what you really like and that which gives you joy. Life has changes, lot of new dimension dynamics in the house, different priorities, different statures, different goals and aims in life. We indulge so much into our daily life, we become vary of who we really are, what is that defines us, because coming to think of it, besides a few differences we are all alike. What makes us unique is how we let things around us define our life.
I've always wanted my interests and love define me and my life, but me too like all of us get caught in the vicious, ever spinning circle of success and failure. Success may be at the top but you eventually slip at times sinking down to failure. Lets no perpetuate this tug of war between success and failure into our inner self and lets make the circle into a straight line of happiness and well being.
  Over the years I've arrived to a conclusion that nothing is more important than health. Health issues in the family sucks the life out of you. You can run after success, accolades, stature, money in life, but nothing is worth it, if you don't have a good health. Life can change in a flash of a second. Human body is so diverse and strong, it keeps emphasizing its importance to us human beings, While we are busy running behind materialistic goals in life, a complex process of wearing and tearing keeps reminding us we can outlive our body. If we can lead our life unscathed, that would be a big achievement.
   Well so much of preaching after a long time, you might start wondering if i have been to some spiritual island or something. So much for the absence. Hope to be writing more frequently. 

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