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Ek choti si love story - part III

This is final part of the short story Ek Choti si love Story.
You can read the 1st part here - Ek Choti si love Story
         and the 2nd part here - Ek Choti si love Story - part II


Sameer waited eagerly for janice at the same coffee shop. He was feeling confident. he had grown up, physically as well as intellectually. Janice walked inside the coffee shop. She kept searching for sameer, but she couldn't find him. So Sameer walked to her, and said hi its me sameer. Janice couldn't believe her eyes, is it the same sameer whom she met months ago. She was taken aback. Then sameer narrated the whole story and showed her the device too. She still couldn't believe it was sameer. She thought someone is playing a prank on her. She even started walking away. it took sameer lot of convincing, to make her realize it was the same sameer.
Sameer told her, how much he loved her. He said, " you are the reason, i din't care about the even whether the device would work or not. I just wanted to grow older to be able to stand beside you. So that u don't have to be ashamed that i have a younger boyfriend". He said "I love you so much, i'l be there whenever you want me. I did all this for you, all this for you" "Will you accept me now ?" He asked with fingers crossed.
Janice said "I can't believe you did so much for me. I mean i feel like some princess. U've made me feel so special." . Sameer's face lit up with joy. then came the ever dangerous "BUT" . She said "After u disappeared for a while, i started seeing someone, and fell in love with him. Hes 1 year elder to me and hes my friend's brother. We both are deeply in love with each other." 
"After all that u've done for me, i would have surely said yes, for that matter any girl would have said yes, but i still don't love you. You are a good person, i don't want to ruin your life by saying yes to you and being with you , just for the sake of it. I don't feel it from within." janice said.
Sameer din't know what to say. He was confused and sad. After going through all this, still Janice doesn't love him. But he realized one thing, that she was very happy with the other guy. And he has no right to question her love for him. His maturity made him understand that somethings are just not meant to happen, how much ever u try. And u can't control it. Thats called destiny. Maybe thats the way it had to happen. He was still devastated, but knew now that its not the end of the world.
Janice got up from her chair, wished him luck and went away. Sameer looked at his device, he wanted to go back to his teens, he pressed the 'down' button and in a flash he was back to the lanky 18 year old again. Sameer and Janice never met again in their life. Sameer eventualy understood more about love. He finally found his soulmate 4 years later. Hes very happy with her. Janice married her then lover.
The moral of the story is that Never get disheartened by rejections by gals and guys in ur life. Theres definitely someone waiting for you. Never spoil your life for one gal or boy. if he or she doesn't like you move on, there are always more people in this world. Atleast Sameer had a chance to go back to his teen life, most of us don't. Life is short, always look around. There might be someone interested in you, and u never realized it.
And if u're in love with someone, proudly say it. Don't wait for the right opportunity, right time and all bullshit. Its never a right time. Say it as soon as possible before its too late. Time passes by, its all in our hands when do we make it right or wrong. People come and go in ones's life. Its a learning experience from all the relationships until u find the right gal or guy. And perhaps this learning experience continues even after you've found ur partner. Life never stops teaching you.
This story has been inspired by a real life story. The Story has been adapted from the original story !!!

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Momo's Ma on 2:08 AM said...

hey nice ending. n very valid point. u never know if life will give u a second chance.

Unknown on 8:51 AM said...

thanks dear.. yea just wanted to end it with a moral to it..

Anonymous said...

Hey Shashi

Nice ending dude... a bit SF in the story but nice way to end it.


Unknown on 11:16 PM said...


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