Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sabse Bada King !! Manmohan Singh !!

 There has been kind of astonishing results in the General Elections 2009. The United Progressive Alliance led by Congress have had a landslide victory in this elections. The result is a one of the most phenomenal result over a decade. 
All the kingmakers, aspirants, Heroes are out. Now the long and twisted wish list of potential kingmakers lie in tatters as they wake up to the post-poll reality. The numbers, on which they were shoring up their dreams, are not simply not with them this time round. Theres only King, our honourable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Singh is in!!! Whatever may be the comments. Some say hes a weak leader, some say hes a visionary. Some say hes a puppet in the hands of Sonia Gandhi, some say hes a great leader. Whatever it may be, whether u love him or hate him, you cant deny the fact that his hardwork, sincerity, charisma, determination has been a major factor in congress' big win. Hes been at the helm of lot of criticism lately. The Nuclear Deal was a one of the biggest achievement of UPA  government and i stand for their decision.
Even as the politically underrated Manmohan Singh, equanimous in victory, spoke at the 10 Janpath residence of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, thousands of frenzied supporters shouted slogans, danced and exploded firecrackers on the streets.
He said 'We have an obligation to the people of India to provide a stable and secular government,' underlining the two core themes that helped the Congress retain power in one of most fiercely fought electoral battles since independence 62 years ago.
Today's thumping victory was widely credited to the unassuming Manmohan Singh, who only five years was propelled to the top post after the Italy-born Gandhi refused the prime minister's job. With this, Manmohan Singh has achieved the distinction of becoming the first prime minister after Jawaharlal Nehru to be returned after completing a full term in office.

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